Few retired people expect to pay off their mortgages, survey finds

Special to The Washington Post. Burning the mortgage deed in celebration of owning your home free and clear, once a ritual for most older Americans on their way to retirement, has become less common. A recent “Retirement and Mortgages” survey by American Financing, a national mortgage banker, found...


People are using bitcoin's system to share child pornography, researchers say

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. German researchers have found about 1,600 files of non-financial data, some of which link to or contain child pornography and other objectionable material, on the system that stores bitcoin transactions. The discovery could place certain users of the bitcoin network...


At 5 minutes to tariff midnight, a steel boss battles with chaos

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. Somewhere in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, cargo ships bound for the U.S. are carrying 5,000 tons of steel ordered by David Wolff’s Michigan-based distribution company. Somewhere in the American Midwest, Wolff -- the chief operations officer at Peerless Steel Co. -- is...


Global momentum shows cracks as trade war looms over economy

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. The global economy’s upswing showed signs of strain in March as a drop in momentum at businesses from Japan to the euro region underscored the world’s vulnerability to confidence shocks from a trade war. Hours after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates and boosted growth...


Trump to punish China on trade as US companies fear backlash

Trump Trade

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump was ready to hit China with billions of dollars in trade sanctions Thursday for stealing American technology and pressuring U.S. companies to hand it over. Farmers, electronics retailers and other U.S. businesses braced for a backlash as the Chinese...


Stocks sink as investors fear US-China trade tensions

Financial Markets Wall Street

NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks are sinking and bond prices are climbing as trade tensions between the U.S. and China rise. The Trump administration is expected to announce trade sanctions on China, while the government in Beijing said it will defend itself. Industrial and technology companies took some of...


Before you #DeleteFacebook, try taking control

(c) 2018, Bloomberg View. #DeleteFacebook is trending on social media. But you don’t have to do anything as radical as deleting the app that keeps you in touch with friends, family members and so many Russian bots. Instead, consider taking full control of your account. A few steps can eliminate...


Chinese state media now with more Communist Party propaganda

China Politics Media

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese state media will be getting more propaganda now that the Communist Party has announced it will be in direct control of broadcasters and the regulators of everything from movies and TV to books and radio programs. The move is part of a push by President Xi Jinping — emboldened...


Toys R Us liquidation sales begin Thursday. Here's what to know before you shop.

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. Toys R Us is kicking off its going-out-of-business sales on Thursday, a week after announcing plans to sell or close all of its U.S. stores. Hundreds of Toys R Us and Babies R Us locations are scheduled to close in the coming months, which means the company has a lot...


Hurricane Harvey's toxic impact deeper than public told

Harvey Silent Spills

HOUSTON (AP) — A toxic onslaught from the nation’s petrochemical hub was largely overshadowed by the record-shattering deluge of Hurricane Harvey as residents and first responders struggled to save lives and property. More than a half-year after floodwaters swamped America’s fourth-largest city,...

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